Sunway Putra Mall KL

 Let’s talk about Sunway Putra Mall KL

When we travel to a new place and choose our accommodation, we often consider nearby facilities. As mentioned, we chose accommodation at Regalia Suites Kuala Lumpur, which is not far from Sunway Putra Mall. Sunway Putra Mall in Kuala Lumpur is a great example of a nearby facility that enhances your stay. Located in the heart of the city, this mall is more than just a shopping spot—it’s a lifestyle hub that makes any visit more convenient and enjoyable. Now, let’s take a tour of Sunway Putra Mall KL so you can see the restaurants and shops around.


Sunway Putra Mall KL

What to do in Sunway Putra Mall KL

  • Shopping: Explore the many shops in the mall. If you’re staying long term and need fresh meat or vegetables for cooking, you can find them in the supermarket or grocery store section. We bought fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and other high-quality items there.
  • Dining: Enjoy delicious meals at various restaurant at Sunway Putra Mall offering local Malaysian dishes and international foods.
  • Entertainment: Watch movies at the cinema or enjoy family-friendly activities.
  • Fitness: The gym is on the fifth floor.
  • Relaxation: Take a break at one of the cozy cafes.
  • Events and Activities: During special occasions like Chinese New Year, the mall decorates in festive styles perfect for photos.

Enjoy the Restaurant at Sunway Putra Mall KL

When we were there, Sunway Putra Mall was our top choice for lunch, dinner, and coffee because it offer so many choices for food at Sunway Putra mall.

Sunway Putra Mall KL

First, at the Bananabro

Bananabro Sunway Putra was a memorable experience for us, as we ate food served on a big banana leaf. At that time, we had a Malaysian friend who met up with us and recommended trying Banana bro, a traditional Malaysian dining experience.

Second, at Chicken Plus

This restaurant offers a Korean-style experience with their delicious fire chicken. Imagine this: the chicken is dipped in powder and then fired, mixed with a flavorful Korean sauce. Every bite is incredibly delicious and brings us so much happiness.

Third, at the sushi kazoku

After the Korean restaurant, This restaurant was decorated in a Japanese style with plastic sakura trees. We ordered chicken curry and ramen. They also had Japanese-style black coffee on the menu. I was curious about how it would differ from regular black coffee, so I ordered it. The aroma was different from any other coffee I had tried before.

Fourth, at the Myeongdong topokki

This restaurant also offers Korean-style cuisine. It is located in the food court in Sunway Putra Mall. The food was served in a hot bowl, and I liked that it came with kimchi and many side dishes.

Fifth, at the Sawatdee ,

This time, we went to a Thai restaurant called Sawasdee, which means ‘hello’ in Thai. The menu featured authentic Thai dishes, and the delicious flavors helped satisfy my cravings for food from Thailand.

The last one, boat noodles

Lastly, I highly recommend this restaurant. The taste is 100% authentic Thai, and the soup for the noodles is so delicious that it makes me feel like I’m eating it in Thailand.

The Coffee cafe

Sunway Putra Mall KL

There are so many coffee cafes on the 1st floor. Here are our experiences:

  • Dingtea Coffee
  • HWC Coffee

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Sunway Putra Mall KL
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Sunway Putra Mall KL
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