Shopping in KL

When you travel, what activities do you enjoy? Perhaps visiting famous landmarks, exploring iconic places, or indulging in some shopping? Traveling to a new country often opens up a world of new experiences, whether it’s shopping or simply seeing things that are different from what you are familiar to. We share the same curiosity. We love to explore local markets and shopping districts to see how they differ from those back home and to discover unique items we’ve never seen before. In this article, we’ll take you on a shopping in KL. We will explore the vibrant Petaling Street, the culturally rich Central Market KL, the lively Kasturi Walk, and, as a bonus, Jalan Masjid India.

Our first shopping destination is Petaling Street or Chinatown Petaling Street. This time, we took the train to get there. We walked from our accommodation, Regalia Residence Kuala Lumpur, to the train station, which took about 5 minutes. The Putra train station is conveniently close to our residence. From Putra station, we traveled to Kuala Lumpur station and then walked to Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur, also known as Jalan Petaling.

Even before reaching Petaling Street, we found the road bustling with activity and lined with numerous shops. The area was lively and full of vendors, giving us a preview of what was to come.

Once we arrived at Petaling Street, the place was even busier, filled with stalls selling a variety of items such as clothes and accessories. There were a few restaurants, though not as many as we had expected.

  • Ticket information: The cost from Putra to Kuala Lumpur station is 1.80 MYR

Shopping in KL Central Market KL

Shopping in KL

After exploring Central Market KL, we headed to our next destination, Kasturi Walk. The walk there was easy and straightforward. There is a large sign for Central Market in front of the mall, making it easy to find. If you visit, don’t forget to take some photos with the sign, as it’s a popular photo spot.

When we walked into Central Market Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, it surprised me because I expected it to be an outdoor market. However, Central Market was different from my expectation. The market is indoors with cool air conditioning, which made us feel comfortable and allowed us to enjoy our time there.

First of all, traveling drained our energy, so we looked for food to refuel. We highly recommend this place; the Chinatown cendol was one of the most fantastic things we found. It’s a dessert made with a combination of durian and coconut milk. I don’t know how to describe it better, but we have a video that you can check out below.

Long story short, the Central Market Pasar Seni KL is an indoor shopping market. There are many shops for clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and restaurants inside the mall. If you are looking for souvenirs to give someone when you return home, KL Sentral Market is one of the best choices for you.

Jalan Petaling Market

It’s time to head back to the Regalia Residence Kuala Lumpur. As we walked back to our accommodation, we passed by Jalan Masjid India Kuala Lumpur, where there is a street market with many shops selling muslim dress, hijabs, and accessories for Muslims, as well as food stalls. If you want to try local foods, you should visit Jalan Petaling Market.

You can check our video to see our journey and Shopping in KL

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