Japanese restaurant in Pattaya

Our experience at the Japanese restaurant in Pattaya

Japanese restaurant in Pattaya
Japanese restaurant in Pattaya

We had a great time at AKA Yakiniku in Central Festival Pattaya beach here is the Japanese BBQ restaurant. It felt like we went on a special journey through Japan. While we walked inside the AKA, the staff greeted us warmly, and full of people in the restaurant.

You can choose between two options: ordering dishes one by one (à la carte) or enjoying a buffet. There are lots of yummy things to try, like different types of meat, sushi, and tasty desserts. An additional highlight here is a lemon juice. When we went, we chose A la carte cost. ( We captured some of these moments in a short video, which we’ve included in this article for you to enjoy Pattaya restaurant.)

  • First, The Buffet cost starts from 422 THB/Person ( Including 7% VAT) and includes 40 menu items.
  • Second, with a Cost of 586 THB/Person (Including 7% VAT), you can enjoy 77 menu items.
  • Thirdly, with the Cost of 704 THB/Person (Including 7% VAT), offers a selection of 108 menu items.

For the a la carte cost you can choose all the menus you want to have the starting foods from 19 THB. AKA Yakiniku offers a wide range of delicious and fresh dishes , ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy

Capturing the Yakiniku BBQ

So, In the video you can see what the restaurant looks like. We went there and chose our meals. It was cool because we got to cook our own food, like grilling stuff. Certainly, It made eating more fun than just sitting and eating. Last of all, our meal cost 850 THB.

If you’re looking for a taste of Japan in Pattaya or Sushi buffet Pattaya, we highly recommend paying a visit to AKA Yakiniku at Central Pattaya beach.

We hope you enjoy with this Japanese food article and If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, So you can send message to me via direct message (DM) on Instagram or Facebook!

Japanese restaurant in Pattaya
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Japanese restaurant in Pattaya
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