Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn

Let’s Check Soul Sweet Cafe

First of all, I can’t refuse the feeling as I begin to write this article; hunger begin at me once more. Because of, remember the moments spent at Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn with the tender steak and Sweet-smelling mashed potatoes on the table before us.

Even though Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn is not on the beach views but here make we feels really cozy, like being at home instead of just a restaurant.

Additional, They have cute teddy bears everywhere, and the menu has lots of yummy desserts and tasty dishes that don’t cost too much. We ended up going there every night during our stay at Happy Love 1 at Ko Lan.

Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn

About the Soul Sweet cafe

We came across this lovely place while walking around our accommodation at Happy Love 1, just a 5-minute walk to the cafe, and it quickly became our favorite spot for dinner on Koh Larn Pattaya. We’ll definitely share the great menu options from our experiences .

Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn

First, We highly recement you to have Ribeye Steak. The flavorful, and nice grilled, it’s a true delight for steak lovers. Every bite is a savory with a tender beef steak by a delicious black pepper sauce.

Soul Sweet Cafe Koh Larn

And, Second the Fluffy Pancake. These pancakes are soft, light, and absolutely delicious. Each bite feels tender, and they’re perfect with syrup and fresh banana.

You can check out more of the cafe’s at Koh Lan environment in the video.

Last of all, if you love tasty food and ending with a great dessert. Also, offer a selection of beverages. Soulsweet at koh larn thailand is the place for you.

T he location of Soul Sweet Koh Larn is on the way to Nual Beach or Monkey Beach on Kohlarn

Also, Open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, except on Tuesdays

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