Jomtien Night Market

Let’s check the Jomtien Night Market

Jomtien Night Market

As we stroll through a busy night market, we are surrounded by yummy smells. The market looks pretty with lots of colorful lights, lanterns, and bright signs. It feels warm and welcoming. The flames from cooking stations make it feel cozy. Also, there are lots of colorful ingredients and dishes to look at, like a big feast for our eyes. Here is Jomtien Night Market!, which is a nice place for national foods. Let’s dive in!

Why Night Markets?

  • A variety of foods : You can get the national foods example like Indian foods , Maxican foods , Russian foods , Thai foods and fresh fruits
  • Cheap and good food
  • Good location and near the beach

When you travel, finding yummy and affordable food is super important. It’s a big part of your trip! That’s why knowing where to get good food for a good price is awesome. If you like traveling without spending too much money on food, you’ll love this article!

While we stayed at Copacabana Jomtien Beach, we found a really cool place to eat that wasn’t far from where we were staying. If you’ve read our article about Copacabana before, you’ll know what the area looks like. It’s quieter than Pattaya night market but still has a lovely beach right in front of the accommodation. The location of Jomtien Night Market is close to the beach. You can take away foods and easily walk across the road to have dinner on the beach. Alternatively, you can find tables to eat around the market area, which is also convenient.

About Jomtien Night market

Location: Jomtien Night Market is located on Jomtien Beach Road, close to Copacabana Jomtien Beach. It’s easy to get to and right by the beach.

Opening Hours: The market opens in the late afternoon and stays open until late at night. Most stalls start setting up around 4 PM and close around 10 PM or later.


  • Food Stalls: Lots of different foods to try, including Thai dishes, seafoods , grilled meats, snacks, and desserts.
  • Seating Areas: Plenty of tables and chairs where you can sit and eat.
  • Shopping: Many stalls selling clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and handmade crafts.
  • Entertainment: Often features live music and performances.
  • Restrooms: Public restrooms are available.
  • Accessibility: Easy to get to from Jomtien Beach, so you can eat by the sea or walk on the beach after shopping.

Top Food Recommendations

Here are our top food picks that are both delicious and visually stunning:

At first is Mango Sticky Rice Enjoy this sweet Thai dessert made with ripe mangoes and creamy coconut sticky rice. It’s a colorful treat that’s as beautiful as it is tasty.

Second is Pad Thai Try this popular Thai dish with stir-fried noodles, tamarind, peanuts, and fresh vegetables. The mix of flavors and bright ingredients makes it a favorite.

Third is Indian Food Delight in the rich and aromatic dishes of Indian cuisine. With vibrant curries and spiced dishes, Indian food is a feast for your senses.

The last one is Kebab Enjoy the savory and tasty kebab, a favorite in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Whether made with chicken or beef, kebabs are flavorful and perfect for grilling.

Last of all let’s check out the video from Jomtien Night market below.

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