Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India

Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India

Welcome, dear traveler! Are you ready to explore one of Kuala Lumpur’s most bustling and colorful districts? Join us as we stroll through Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India, It’s a well-known shopping district within the city that is particularly famous for its variety of shops selling hijabs, Muslim dresses, textiles, and other items.

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Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India by LRT

Bandaraya Jalan Masjid IndiaBandaraya Jalan Masjid India

This time, we traveled to Bandaraya Jalan Masjid via the LRT Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, known as Rapid KL. So, we walked from Regalia to the LRT station, which is not far from us. This station is close to Putra Mall and provides convenient access to the mall.

  • The cost from Putra to Bandaraya was 1.20 RM.

The LRT ride from Putra to Bandaraya doesn’t take long. After arriving at Bandaraya station, we walked for about 10 minutes to the bustling street filled with shops selling hijabs and Muslim dresses. There are various types of shops to choose from, including outdoor shops covered by tents, indoor shops, and luxurious stores.

Jalan Masjid India Kuala Lumpur is also located in the Bandaraya area of Kuala Lumpur. In addition to shops selling hijabs, Muslim dresses, and textiles, there are also food stalls on the street food that you can get and try the local foods. So if you’re looking for hijabs, Muslim dresses, textiles, and other items, coming to Bandaraya is a great idea.

Regalia infinity pool KLCC

Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India

After finishing our visit to Jalan Masjid India, we returned to Regalia Residence Hotel and decided to head up to the rooftop swimming pool to cool down from the weather outside. The Hotel Regalia Kuala Lumpur offers a beautiful view of the city. Imagine relaxing in the pool with such a fantastic view around—it’s very soothing. It’s also a great spot for taking selfies. If you prefer not to swim, another way to enjoy the view is to visit the Fly Me to KL restaurant, which is connected to the hotel Regalia Residence.

Here you can see our vlog of the Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India and view from Regalia suites KL  

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Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India
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Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India
Are you interested in affordable hijabs or Muslim dress styles? We will take you to Bandaraya Jalan Masjid India for some outdoor shopping.
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